Dumping thread stack trace in Java & .NET

Multi-threaded Java practitioners know about the indispensible ways to taking thread dumps to see a snapshot of what’s happening in the JVM, and resolve ‘hang’ issues. There are plethora of options, ranging from simple command line tools and utilities to nice GUI applications to writing some code in your application. A sampling of such options: Stack trace in Java Command Line If the application is running as a console application, you can try one of these:

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The great runtime shootout

It is becoming more and more obvious that there are just two runtimes left to execute code, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). So, I decided to see how they stack up. Looks like both environments have something for everyone. Here is a list of programming languages available on these runtimes. Can run on CLI using IKVM.NET Can run on JVM using Mainsoft solution Not yet usable Can run on CLR, but is behind the JVM implementation The main reason for the research was to identify a new language I should pick-up.