20 Qs with Puneet of Young India


Q. In your own words, who are you and what is your business?

I am just a young creative mind, who feels that everyone can sell anything; but the only reason why everyone doesn’t become a businessman, is that they don’t have a product to sell. Since they don’t have anything to sell they sell somebody else’s product. All one needs is to be creative, a little passionate and definitely risk taking. My business is It is a new and a creative website which give a purpose to networking. It is a place where creative minds will compete and get recognition. It may not be a very big recognition like any reality show that makes you an overnight star but it will make you realise the star potential in you.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your business?

Well a very less famous person once said that the best of business ideas come from ones own need. If you really want to start a business then just think is there anything that you want or ever wanted that you couldn’t get because of unavailability and that’s where you create a product. My business idea comes from my own life. As a young guy I have many creative interests and dream, but I never could pursue them. May be because of lack of knowledge and may be ‘coz I never knew how good I am outside the boundary walls of my school and college. So I thought of giving the young generation something I did not get. It’s less of a business idea and more of an initiative. By the way that less famous person is nobody else but me.

Q. Is this your first business?

Well definitely yes, it’s my first business. I would prefer to call it an initiative than business. It’s my way of changing the systems and things that are currently there in India.


Q. Who are your customers?

My customers are the young creative minds who have dreams, who don’t want to follow the rat race. We all are following a rat race due to which we couldn’t follow our heart and dream careers for which we blame our society, our parents but the reason why we could follow is that we never tried because of lack of self belief. One needs to go through a competitive environment to get this self assessment and self belief.What I never appreciated in my life is the follower approach. Because following curbs creativity This site is for those young minds that have that creativity to do things differently. They can try and test out there skills. Have you ever thought the reports and presentations we have made in our college life how good they are? Its not always about marks. If you want to check it then check it on where you’ll know how useful it is. We click photographs in daily life, have you ever thought how beautifully and artistically these photos have been taken by you? If you want to, then check with YIndia. Everything and anything can have creativity in life; I just tried to give opportunities to creative mind to understand their creativity and its importance. We promote talents, individuals, ideologies.

Q. What are your most significant products or services?

My most significant product is the creativity of my users.

Q. How has your market changed in the past few years?

Well the market is growing. This attempt is more like an initiative which is have not been tried.

Q. How has your business changed to keep pace?

Well the business is just in starting phase so changing environment has not been faced.

Growth and Revenues

Q. How many employees do you have? Full- or part-time?

Well we have 6 full time and around 20 part time employees.

Q. How did you finance your business? What have been your most effective sources of financing over the years?

Well finance remains an issue for a start-up forever. The terms like venture finance sound good but it is not as easy as it sound. When you come up with some new and different plan you are always circumspect about sharing your plan and your idea. I am still working on high end loans and personal savings.

Q. Is the business profitable? Still investing, cash flow positive, profitable?

Well it’s just started so there’s still time.

Q. What are the most crucial things you have done to grow your business?

Well for a journey of the thousand miles the most important step is the first step.

Q. What plans do you have now to expand your business further?

I have plans to make it global as website don’t have boundary but definitely have to have a service that caters to global audience.

Your management style

Q. What is an average workday like for you? What systems have you used to automate your business to give you more time for business planning and development?

I don’t really know how much I work. In a start-up you have to work like a clerk, peon, receptionist, customer care, sales executive, manager, CEO :) Keeps you occupied.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Well I am enjoying this feeling of doing what I am and following my dream that I have stopped rating things as challenges but I take them as ladders to climb through the success.

Q. Have you ever felt like giving up?

No not even once

Q. What has been your biggest mistake in business?

I don’t consider them as mistake but errors as its better to find as many errors as possible to achieve the level of perfection for success

Q. If you were starting again, what would you do differently?

Don’t know if I start again than I would definitely do and work on different product. I won’t restrict my creativity again.

Q. Words of advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

You are all alone when you do something. So everything you do, you have to do all alone. Don’t expect anything from anyone. You have to have confidence in yourself. Don’t do it just ‘coz you don’t want to do anything else but do it coz you want to do it.

For our readers

Q. Do you have any opportunities / offers / partnership ideas about which you want to put a word out?

Well so far I don’t have but yes I am definitely looking for a person who wants to work hard and creatively. Do all works of a CEO at a salary of a sales and marketing executive. :)

Also please promote this website to as many people you can.

Q. Best way to reach you (IM/email/twitter/social media/blog)

You can reach me through facebook YINDIA fan page / or Gtalk :