Micro ISV jump start tool kit

Every micro ISV needs several standard things to get started. Few of them are:

  • A web host
  • A web site, including a blog
  • A store front
  • Email
  • Customer support infrastructure like forums, CRM, Chat, etc.
  • Bug tracker
  • Source Control
  • Build environment

Apart from these, some software related bits

  • Common controls / Custom controls
  • Framework things like:
  • Installer
  • Auto updater

And if your software is not open source, then

  • Obfuscater
  • Software copy protection
  • Licensing
  • Payment provider

And some marketing related:

  • Software submitter
  • Ad network

What I could come up with so far are:

I would update the list as and when I find more resources.

Is anything available integrated out-of-the box for a micro ISV to jump start, drop a comment below.