Looking back, looking forward!

One more revolution completed, amid the pandemic. Yet, it was an eventful year with lots of good memories, a new workplace, and a new set of friends.
As I look back at a good life, I would probably do a few things differently, if given a do-over.

Attend college

Actually attend college, instead of just writing exams. Have fun and make lifelong friends. While I am at college, maybe study engineering too.

Stay in Hyderabad

Instead of having a whimsical decision to move to Chennai for a job after post-graduation, I would stay in Hyderabad if given the same choice.

Continue Parixa

I would have stuck out longer with my first startup, giving it a real chance of success. I will hustle more, instead of folding it after 18 months.

Shorter stay in Frankfurt

Instead of spending 7 years in Frankfurt, I would return earlier. Maybe have our first child after returning, rather than before going to Frankfurt. My wife disagrees with this entirely.

Better Financial Planning

Earlier years were ad-hoc and reactionary. Although I corrected it later, I would sure start early.

Although I cannot change the past, here are a few things I would like to do in the future.

  • Start a company, grow a company
  • Write a book, maybe a few books
  • Sketch
  • ~Farm~
  • Travel the country