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Coding is like cricket

With the stunning world cup victory behind us, it’s time to reflect on what lessons we can learn from it. I am sure cricket needs no introduction, so let me get on with what I have learnt from mostly watching, and very little playing, cricket.

Uncertainty, the name of the game

Cricket is the game glorious of uncertainties, and developers' lives are no less uncertain, just not glorious. Both cricketers and developers need to be flexible and adjust to new situations. Be it change in requirements or the target score. Deal with the uncertainties of the pitch or the legacy code base.

Team work is important

Although there could be solo efforts that can steal the limelight, the fact remains that you need a team to win. You might think that a solo developer can deliver, but I will like to remind that, invariably this solo developer is building on works of thousands of other developers by using other libraries or frameworks.

Different skills make the difference

It takes all type to win the game. You might have all-rounders which add value, but specialists are also needed as there are very few all-rounder that are better than the best specialists. Similarly all kinds of skills are needed for coding, and rarely is there a dev with all skills. Talking of skills, I believe, you are born with the needed skills, but it takes years of practise to master those skills.

With skills you need attitude, that state of mind, which drives your actions. These are the common and opposing personalities that we encounter and each is needed as much as the other.

  • The blaster and the wall

  • The meticulous and the flamboyant

  • The artist and the scientist

The Game Play

There is a definite need to be agile, to take stock of the burn-down or the run-rate after each over, and to revise your strategy accordingly. Breaking the target into sprints or sessions and finally, being time bound.

How to succeed

Like any thing in life, both coding and cricket need passion and commitment to succeed. There are only a few professions, where you do in the weekend, what you do during the week. You need continuously work on your skills even when not in office or a tournament.

There is a need for continuous improvement and to keep abreast with changed rules and strategies. The core tools remain the same, but the way you yield them differ over time.

One more thing

Both are literally back-breaking works but both pay well!

There is a conscious effort to remove the ‘male only’ label and involve the women as well, with good success.