Delicious Trends

In my first post, I talked about analysing my interests based on delicious bookmarks. This post is to announce that I have cleaned up the script a bit and posted it on this blog. Try it out.

It is a simple visualisation of your online taste. All your bookmarks will be plotted on a time line, helping you to see how your interests evolved over time.

Note: All processing is done in your browser and no data is sent to my server.

Why did I create it?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was wondering what interested me. After a while of introspection, I got a lot of answers from my heart, but my mind wanted a quantitative proof. So I decided to look at my bookmarks to find what I bookmarked and when.

How was it created?

A quick (& dirty) mashup of delicious api + jquery + google visualisation plugin. Most of the code is straight out of the samples. My desire was to find the answers I was looking for, ASAP.

Did you like it? Hated it? Have a suggestion? Do leave your feedback.