Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 on Ubuntu + Skype

Quick note to self, to save some searching next time.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 does not quite work on Ubuntu and even worse with Skype.
To get video working on Skype, start it as :
env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

And to get the microphone working, run this in a terminal
sudo rmmod gspca_sonixj
sudo modprobe gspca_sonixj


Installing Skype on EeePC, running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10

While analysing my visitor logs, I noticed several people come here looking for a way to install Skype on an EeePC running Ubuntu Netbook Remix. So here it is.

Step 1.

Download the skype installer. The package for Ubuntu 8.10 works well on 9.10 as well.

Step 2.