[rant] Opensource spirit in .NET world

Update: Paul reached out and clarified the problem. 
So the rest of the post is not relevant any more. 

Did not want to post a rant, especially when I haven’t yet crystallized my thoughts.

My previous post was about a project I came across – hornget. I wanted to help because I liked their ideas. I offered to manage the SupportedPackages page for them by automating the process. Or to share the script for the same.

Reason for rant:
Guess what was the reply?

Nothing at all. The powers that be, simply banned me from the hornget-dev group. I am flabbergasted. I am not sure what brought out this behavior.

If anyone from hornget dev team reads this, could you please spare a minute to explain why is a volunteer treated like this?


Opensource .NET Projects (ALT.NET)

I recently stumbled across Hornget, which plans to be the maven of .NET world. I found their design philosophy interesting, but haven’t yet got a chance to evaluate the project itself.

But what I liked is they have cherry picked very good .NET software building blocks. Here is a list of projects supported by hornget. Even if you do not end up using hornget, this can still act as a good reference.