[rant] Opensource spirit in .NET world

Update: Paul reached out and clarified the problem. 
So the rest of the post is not relevant any more. 

Did not want to post a rant, especially when I haven’t yet crystallized my thoughts.

My previous post was about a project I came across – hornget. I wanted to help because I liked their ideas. I offered to manage the SupportedPackages page for them by automating the process. Or to share the script for the same.

Reason for rant:
Guess what was the reply?

Nothing at all. The powers that be, simply banned me from the hornget-dev group. I am flabbergasted. I am not sure what brought out this behavior.

If anyone from hornget dev team reads this, could you please spare a minute to explain why is a volunteer treated like this?


Opensource .NET Projects (ALT.NET)

I recently stumbled across Hornget, which plans to be the maven of .NET world. I found their design philosophy interesting, but haven’t yet got a chance to evaluate the project itself.

But what I liked is they have cherry picked very good .NET software building blocks. Here is a list of projects supported by hornget. Even if you do not end up using hornget, this can still act as a good reference.


A list of list managers

There are a large number of list / task managers that it needs a list for itself. Seems like every one wants to create a task manager, and who could blame them? The only reason I looked up all these task managers is because I had an itch to write one myself.

30 tasks, to-do, project, collaboration, goals management tools

Service Comments Paid / Free* simple, barebones, task list, collaboration Free advanced, online database Free note taker, web scrapbook Free Email reminders Paid GTD, Gmail, Paid Notes, Tasks, Collaboration, Calendar, Reminders Free Notes, Tasks, Collaboration Free goal list, social Free Goal tracking Paid List of lists, Home page style Free Simple tasks, gmail integrated Free reminder service Free Notes, Tasks, Collaboration, Aimed at Students Free Homepage, Task is a module Free simple Free Todo linked to locations, Mobile Free Grand daddy, simple yet advanced Free prioritise Free ROR demo app, simple, collaboration Free simple, barebones, task list Free Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration Free strange Free wikified task list, local Free Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features Free time tracker Paid folders, subtasks, due-dates, priorities, tags, contexts, goals, notes, time estimates Paid Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration Free Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration, Project Management Free Simple, collaboration, reminders Free

* All paid services have a free version of some type.

If there is any correction to be made, please leave a comment. I have deliberately left out comparing or reviewing them since it might be like comparing oranges to lemons 🙂

Toodledo has another list comparing features of the popular ones:

If only there was a site that does the things for you!