How I hire writers

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Good, creative writers are the backbone of our business. We try to hire and retain the best of them.

Our interview process is aimed to make the process efficient and objective. This ensures that we do not have to waste time in our hiring process and get back to real work ASAP. I outline the process below; in case someone else is interested.


20 Qs with Puneet of Young India


Q. In your own words, who are you and what is your business?
I am just a young creative mind, who feels that everyone can sell anything; but the only reason why everyone doesn’t become a businessman, is that they don’t have a product to sell. Since they don’t have anything to sell they sell somebody else’s product. All one needs is to be creative, a little passionate and definitely risk taking.
My business is It is a new and a creative website which give a purpose to networking. It is a place where creative minds will compete and get recognition. It may not be a very big recognition like any reality show that makes you an overnight star but it will make you realise the star potential in you.
Q. How did you come up with the idea for your business?
Well a very less famous person once said that the best of business ideas come from ones own need. If you really want to start a business then just think is there anything that you want or ever wanted that you couldn’t get because of unavailability and that’s where you create a product.
My business idea comes from my own life. As a young guy I have many creative interests and dream, but I never could pursue them. May be because of lack of knowledge and may be ‘coz I never knew how good I am outside the boundary walls of my school and college. So I thought of giving the young generation something I did not get. It’s less of a business idea and more of an initiative.
By the way that less famous person is nobody else but me.
Q. Is this your first business?
Well definitely yes, it’s my first business. I would prefer to call it an initiative than business. It’s my way of changing the systems and things that are currently there in India.


Q. Who are your customers?

20 Qs with Sudhir of

In the second interview, I get to interview Mr. Sudhir of He runs a website that provides info about fresher jobs.


Q. In your own words, who are you and what is your business?
A. I am an IT Professional having worked in Software industry in India & USA for 4-5 years. I have been working on along with my wife who is a law graduate and left her career to pursue my dream.I have also left my full-time job 3 months back. is a platform for all the fresh graduates in India.
Q. How did you come up with the idea for your business?
A. I myself used to look for this kind of information when I passed out of University. Initially, I started with a website on Walk-in Interviews and then later on started
Q. Is this your first business?
A. Yes


One question to rule them all

Job interview in progress

Recently, while interviewing a person, I came up with an interesting question. That led to a series of discoveries about the interviewee. So I thought I would share it here.

How does xUnit work? **

This one question offered insight into various aspects that I cared about. I steered the discussion until I got the answers to these question, without asking them explicitly.

  • Do you know what unit testing is? – Awareness level
  • When do you write test cases? Before or after the change? – Practitioner skills
  • How does unit testing work? – Conceptual skills
  • Do you understand annotations? How are they used in JUnit / NUnit? – Advanced developer skills
  • Do you understand the implementation behind unit test frameworks, or are you a dumb consumer? – Architectural skills
  • How was the implementation explained? – Communication skills

What are your favourite questions?

** Replace xUnit with language specific implementation (JUnit, NUnit, etc.).


20 Qs with Mr. Kadiyala of

In a planned series of interviews with Indian entrepreneurs, here is the first one. I got in touch with Kishore, an old friend and associate, and talked to him about his venture


In your own words, who are you and what is your business? is a local content and local search company, currently focusing on Hyderabad, India, and planning to scale to all Indian cities soon. We help people find comprehensive details about various businesses and services in their neighbourhood, and help them interact with the businesses, and with each other about the businesses.
We also cover life in the city – events, movies, shopping & sales – and serve as a local community organizer, apart from being a guide for tourists.
Our revenue/business is focused on providing unprecedentedly low-cost advertising solutions to small and medium business enterprises, by helping them reach customers in their neighbourhood, and pay for just that.
How did you come up with the idea for your business?
Through reading about the Internet and the way it is likely to evolve. I felt geographic communities are quite likely to be big.
Is this your first business?