An angel has landed

On the 21st, our wait finally ended and a little angel arrived. We have named her Prisha, meaning “God’s Gift”.

Sharing a few pictures taken on the day of her birth.


A list of list managers

There are a large number of list / task managers that it needs a list for itself. Seems like every one wants to create a task manager, and who could blame them? The only reason I looked up all these task managers is because I had an itch to write one myself.

30 tasks, to-do, project, collaboration, goals management tools

Service Comments Paid / Free* simple, barebones, task list, collaboration Free advanced, online database Free note taker, web scrapbook Free Email reminders Paid GTD, Gmail, Paid Notes, Tasks, Collaboration, Calendar, Reminders Free Notes, Tasks, Collaboration Free goal list, social Free Goal tracking Paid List of lists, Home page style Free Simple tasks, gmail integrated Free reminder service Free Notes, Tasks, Collaboration, Aimed at Students Free Homepage, Task is a module Free simple Free Todo linked to locations, Mobile Free Grand daddy, simple yet advanced Free prioritise Free ROR demo app, simple, collaboration Free simple, barebones, task list Free Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration Free strange Free wikified task list, local Free Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features Free time tracker Paid folders, subtasks, due-dates, priorities, tags, contexts, goals, notes, time estimates Paid Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration Free Calendar, Tasks, Advanced Features, Collaboration, Project Management Free Simple, collaboration, reminders Free

* All paid services have a free version of some type.

If there is any correction to be made, please leave a comment. I have deliberately left out comparing or reviewing them since it might be like comparing oranges to lemons 🙂

Toodledo has another list comparing features of the popular ones:

If only there was a site that does the things for you!


What colour are your glasses?

Stephen R. Covey in his landmark book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” defines 9 possible centres that people have:

  • Spouse-centred
  • Friends / Enemy-centred
  • Family-centred
  • Money-centred
  • Work-centred
  • Possession – centred
  • Pleasure-centred
  • Church-centred
  • Self-centred

In other words, these are the glasses we see the world through. All decision making is coloured by your bias towards one or more of these. But none of these are worth centring ones life around, they all blur the view. So he suggests taking off these glasses and seeing the world in the light of the principles that you value. If one has a mission statement and knows the principles he values most, then making decisions is easier.


Role Playing

As hinted in the previous post I will take a departure from my general blogging topics and talk about life. Let me talk about something that troubled me and still slightly troubling me.

I have been under a lot of mental and emotional stress lately, and did not know the reason. But with a lot of introspection and a couple of very good reads, I was able to find the root cause of this and am in a much better state of mind. Ask my wife 😉 I will like to share this to spread the good words that helped me.

So, what was wrong?


Introducing life

Life is not something that happens between work, work is a small part of life. So I am adding a category on “Life”. Hope this will increase the work-life balance of my blog, more on this later.

Though the number of posts under this category would be less, it just means there is more to life than I would like to share on a public medium.

Here’s to life…