[rant] Opensource spirit in .NET world

Update: Paul reached out and clarified the problem. 
So the rest of the post is not relevant any more. 

Did not want to post a rant, especially when I haven’t yet crystallized my thoughts.

My previous post was about a project I came across – hornget. I wanted to help because I liked their ideas. I offered to manage the SupportedPackages page for them by automating the process. Or to share the script for the same.

Reason for rant:
Guess what was the reply?

Nothing at all. The powers that be, simply banned me from the hornget-dev group. I am flabbergasted. I am not sure what brought out this behavior.

If anyone from hornget dev team reads this, could you please spare a minute to explain why is a volunteer treated like this?

By Hitesh

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4 replies on “[rant] Opensource spirit in .NET world”

We have been getting countless spam from google groups.

I can only think your post was banned by mistake and probably by me!

What is your email address and I will un-ban it.

This really was a mistake on our part.

I’m not a member of the hornget dev team, and yeah this is an old post, but honestly, this looks more like a failure of the google groups moderation tools. Have you ever tried to manage a google group? It simply sucks. And there is no reason why they would just ban you.

Hi Mauricio, guess what, a couple of hours before your comment, a member of the hornget team reached out and explained it was a moderation error. i will be soon updating / removing my post.

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